AlcoScan AL3100 Breathalyzer

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Table-top breath alcohol tester with 3 digit LED display of %BAC for use in industrial high volume testing.

The AlcoScan® AL3100 is the best choice for commercial, industrial or workplace testing with physical printing requirements. The AL3100 Printer is optional and purchased separately.

AlcoScan AL3100Specifications

  • ModelAlcoMate AL3100
  • Alcohol SensorOxide Semiconductor
  • Size / Dimensions10.0 x 10.0 x 5.0 in
  • Weight10.0000 oz
  • MaterialSteel Frame, Plastic Faceplate
  • UsersCommercial, Industrial
  • PowerStandard AC Plug (120V)
  • Detection Range0.000 - 0.400% BAC (G/DL)
  • Display3-Digit LED
  • Warranty1 Year
  • Recalibration NeededIn order to avoid the cost and inconvenience of shipment for re-calibration service, the AL3500 uses Pre-Calibrated Replaceable Sensor Modules. They must be replaced every 400 tests or at least once per year, whichever comes first.
Key Features

Accuracy +/-0.01 at 0.10 g/dL (%BAC)
PRISM Technology
3-Digit LED Results Display
Cumulative Test Counter
Thermal Results Printer (Optional)
Continuous "Free Play" Testing (Standby Time Between Tests)

Target Users

Restaurants and Bars

Retail Case

The AL3100 is intended to be used in a "table-top" fashion, either for commercial locations or industrial facilities. The device ships in a padded box with no assembly required.


AL3500 Machine
Power Supply and Cable

Additional straws can be purchased directly from a supply store

high-volume testing

Table-Top Breathalyzer

The AlcoScan AL3100 is a table-top wall-powered breathalyzer that measures a breath sample to detect alcohol in the lungs. The reading is converted to blood alcohol concentration (BAC)> The AlcoScan AL3100 uses an advanced semiconductor sensor to detect alcohol.
The AL3100 uses Pre-Calibrated Replaceable Sensor Modules to eliminate the need for calibration. The sensor module should be replaced approximately once every 500 tests.

Thermal Printer

The AlcoScanĀ® AL3100 table-top breathalyzer is a perfect choice for users that require high-volume testing with printed results (printer purchased separately). The AL3100 also incorporates patent-pending pre-calibrated replaceable sensor module technology to eliminate the need for calibration service, saving you the downtime and inconvenience, as well as extending the lifetime of the device.

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