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What is DOT/NHTSA Approval?
The US DOT (Department of Transportation) regulates the rules and guidelines that oversee all vehicles that travel throughout the country. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) ensures that roads and highways are safe to drive on. Together, these two agencies test the accuracy and reliability of many related devices, including breathalyzers (in the prevention of alcohol-related vehicle accidents). Our main products have all been approved as accurate and reliable by the DOT and NHTSA.

What is FDA 510(k) Certification?
The US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) oversees all food, drug and related products that are to be sold in the US. This includes "medical devices," the category into which breathalyzers, or breath alcohol testers, are placed. The FDA issues 510(k) certification to devices that meet the strict quality control standards for device presentation, function, use and instructions, as required by the FDA.