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Breathalyzers can finally have Day 1 accuracy on Day 500. How? Ask us about PRISM® Technology. US Patent #7,841,224 B2.

Single-Source Supplier for the US Navy and US Marine Corps.
DOT approved for law enforcement accuracy.

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Breathalyzers can finally have Day 1 accuracy on Day 500. How? Ask us about PRISM® Technology. US Patent #7,841,224 B2.

No Calibration Service Required!

Revolutionary Technology

PRISM Technology provides cutting-edge alcohol sensing using the most rigorous standards of construction, durability and accuracy.

Sensor module replacement is quick and easy, and lets you avoid the pitfalls of mail-back re-calibration which never restores original performance or accuracy. PRISM Technology is available with the AlcoMate Revo, AlcoMate Premium and AlcoMate Prestige.

When you decide to invest your hard-earned dollars in a breathalyzer, you can make sure your device is as accurate on Day 500 as it is on Day 1, only with PRISM Technology.

AlcoMate products are the exclusive choice of many professionals in the medical, military, maritime and counseling fields, both domestically and around the world.
PRISM Technology provides by far the highest quality alcohol sensing with replaceable modules that restore Day 1 accuracy.
All handheld AlcoMate products use standard 1.5V batteries (AA or AAA), for your convenience.

Trusted by Professionals and Law Enforcement Agencies

AlcoMate portable breathalyzers are DOT Approved for Law Enforcement accuracy and cleared by US Coast Guard regulations for breathalyzers-on-board.
Trust the brand trusted by industry professionals. Choose AlcoMate.

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The AlcoMate Revo features patented pre-calibrated replaceable sensor module technology, and is a perfect choice for industry professionals and pro-sumers seeking a top-notch product.

The AlcoMate Premium and AlcoMate Prestige also feature pre-calibrated replaceable sensor module technology in a more affordable design. Consumers that choose not to take advantage of our sensor technology can select from the AlcoMate AccuCell (fuel-cell), AlcoMate TS100 (fuel-cell), AlcoMate Core, AlcoMate AL2500 and AL2500 Elite.

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Personal Breathalyzer

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Very prompt service, looking forward to doing business in the future!!!

user-reviews Randy G.

This is a very accurate and trustworthy device. I consider it to be invaluable. Replacing the sensor was effortless; I ordered it, it came on time, was reasonably priced and was easy to install.

user-reviews Wayne W.

It's nice to know I have a product that's a life saver! It has kept me off the road a few times when I didn't know I was over the limit. Easy to use. Thanks!

user-reviews Curtis D.