How do I operate a breathalyzer?
Most breathalyzers can be used by following the same general steps.

1. First, turn the device on and wait for a "countdown". During the countdown, the alcohol sensor is being warmed up to be at the proper temperature for accurate testing.

2. When the countdown is complete, you will hear a beep, see a "Ready" indicator, or see "blow" in the display.

3. The breathalyzer is now ready to take a breath sample. Blow sharply and steadily into the device, using a mouthpiece, if applicable. If your breath sample does not register, please try again by resetting the device, then blowing for a longer time. Several breath testers, including the AlcoMate Premium, have a feature that plays a long beep during the sample to indicate that you should keep blowing.

4. Wait a few moments for the breathalyzer to analyze the breath sample.

5. When the analysis is done, you will see a %BAC reading displayed.

6. The device will shut itself off automatically.

How do I install a Pre-Calibrated Replaceable Alcohol Sensor Module?

Click here for instructions.

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