US Navy and Marine Corps Alcohol Screening Program

US Navy and Marine Corps Alcohol Screening Program

AlcoMate Revo

In 2013, the US Navy initiated a comprehensive alcohol screening program covering all personnel on Navy marine vessels, Navy facilities and Naval bases worldwide. Devices from many manufacturers were considered and tested rigorously, and the AlcoMate Revo and AlcoMate Premium were eventually selected for single-source supply, as the advantages of PRISM technology and the precision of performance had no equal. In the following years, the Navy continues to rely on AlcoMate devices, and the US Marine Corps has also implemented the same screening program for its own personnel.

Wired Magazine

Wired Magazine

AlcoMate AccuCell AL9000  |  Robert Capps

"In our tests, [no other products] could match the wicked consistency of the AL9000.

Thank the fuel cell sensor - the same tech used in police models - which turns your boozy breath in electrical current that can be precisely measured. Most reliable of the bunch. Audible click tells you when to stop blowing. Small and light. Quick startup.

Rated 9 out of 10. Nearly flawless; buy it now. Editor's Pick."

ABC World News Segment

ABC World News Segment

AlcoMate Revo  |  Stephanie Sy

More Than a Game: Testing Your Blood Alcohol Personal - Breathalyzers Becoming Popular With People Worried About Driving Drunk.
Breathalyzers, originally used only by police officers, are now a booming market according to Massachusetts-based WinterGreen Research, which currently values the breathalyzer market at $215.2 million, up from $27.9 million in 2005.
"Would I use it on my own kids? Definitely I would, yeah," [product tester Jeremy Turnhill] said. "If they're starting to drive and I'm starting to get a feeling they're drinking and driving."

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