US Navy and Marine Corps Alcohol Screening Program

5/5/2015  |  AlcoMate Revo
When the US Navy was considering flagship devices from different breathalyzer manufacturers, one of the most important issues they wanted to resolve was how re-calibration, which is a necessary and periodic procedure required of all typical breathalyzers, could be addressed with vessels out at sea. Some of these vessels could be at sea for very long periods, and often stationed in many different countries worldwide. Either mailing devices back to service centers, or maintaing onboard breathalyzer specialists as staff onboard was not reasonable. Enter the AlcoMate Revo and AlcoMate Premium: with PRISM technology, the Navy was offered the perfect solution - any person onboard the vessel could simply take a moment to quickly and easily replace a spent module with a new one in stock onboard, and the breathalyzer could be back to fully-restored precision and performance instantly. After the US Navy's success with their alcohol screening program, the US Marine Corps followed suit, also selecting AlcoMate devices as single-source supply.
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