AlcoMate Revo (Model TS200)

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The AlcoMate Revo combines the revolutionary innovation of PRISM technology with state-of-the-art fuel-cell precision to offer the most reliable, convenient and accurate commercial breathalyzer available on the market.

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  • ModelAlcoMate Revo
  • Alcohol SensorFuel-Cell with PRISM Technology
  • Size / Dimensions4.0 x 2.0 x 0.6 in
  • Weight1.0000 oz
  • MaterialABS Molding
  • UsersCorporate, Law Enforcement, Medical, Military, Pro-consumers
  • Power2 x Standard 1.5V AAA (Included)
  • Detection Range0.000 - 0.400% BAC (G/DL)
  • Display4-Digit LCD
  • Warranty1 Year
  • Recalibration NeededNo required. Sensor Module should be replaced every 1000 test or at least once yearly.
Key Features

PRISM Technology
DOT Approved
US Coast Guard Approved
Accuracy: +/- 0.005 at 0.10 g/dL (%BAC)
Fuel-Cell Sensor
4-Digit LCD Results Display
Active Pressure Sensor
Deep Lung Air Sampling
Cumulative Test Counter

Target Users

US Coast Guard
US Navy & US Marines
Law Enforcement
Medical Professionals
School Administrators
Corporate Employers
General Consumers

Retail Case

Retail case features a sturdy, re-inforced ABS exterior with a thickly padded interior for superior protection of REVO and accessories.


Revo Breathalyzer
User's Manual
Carrying Pouch
2 x AAA Batteries

5 x Mouthpieces
Pre-Installed PRISM component (Sensor Module)

DOT Approved for

Law Enforcement Accuracy

The AlcoMate Revo was designed for maximum accuracy. The combination of PRISM (sensor module) technology and state-of-the-art fuel-cell breath alcohol sensing offers the most reliable, convenient and accurate commercial breathalyzer available on the market. The Revo is perfect for use in a variety of professional testing applications, and is also an ideal choice for pro-sumers looking for performance that rivals police-issue devices.

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