Investing in a Breathalyzer


PRISM Technology was developed and patented by AK GlobalTech to solve a fundamental flaw in the way that breathalyzers are maintained for function and accuracy.

When choosing to invest in a breathalyzer, accuracy is the most important factor to consider. However, all breathalyzers lose accuracy over time (usually in one year or less), and the current fix for this loss in accuracy is manual re-calibration.

Manual re-calibration is a flawed process, because the actual residue buildup and functional degradation inside the sensor cavity is not addressed at all; re-calibration simply re-programs the electronics inside the device to "re-teach" it to show better results with this now-degraded sensor. After several re-calibrations, sometimes after even the first one, the sensor may have degraded too far, at which point re-calibration cannot even be performed and the device is now just a useless paperweight.

These flaws are all completey erased by the introduction of PRISM Technology. With the AlcoMate Revo, AlcoMate Premium and AlcoMate Prestige, once the sensor becomes degraded so that it loses accuracy, you can literally remove and discard the existing module containing the sensor and replace it with a newly manufactured, pre-calibrated sensor module in its place. Replacement is quick and easy, and replacing the module is the only way to restore true "day one" accuracy to your device.